B2B Marketing Success is More Than ‘Download this Free Report’

Book PromotionIf you believe current marketing automation suppliers, the key to success starts with a really nice free PDF report of interest to your target customer base, offer a download in exchange for their contact details, and then all will be fine.

Except it doesn’t really work like that, you may get some enquiries, and they may even end up in your CRM system and, if they’re very unfortunate then they may end up with automated email after email regurgitated out of your system to pummel them into submission. But, does that sound like marketing success to you?

What Other Lead Generation Tactics Can Help?

The reality for most businesses is that getting marketing automation is one thing, making it to perform is something entirely different. You need to beyond the ‘report-driven’ enquiry form to really charge up your on-site conversions and achieve a stronger channel for new business. Here are some tips:

1. Have Multiple Routes to Enquiry

If you are like many other businesses then the main mistake to make is to presume that having one offer on the website is enough. Not only may this reduce the value of the variety of services or products you offer, but it also fails to recognise that every customer is different. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Discount vouchers in the short term to increase engagement
  • Priority booking of new product / service ranges
  • Free one-to-one online demonstrations
  • Cross-promotion of compatible services and suppliers
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Promotions through existing customers / partners
  • Free consultations / quotations
  • Retargeting of website visitors with other offers

2. Don’t Just be ‘Form Led’

The ‘process’ can get in the way of the result. Just because you have marketing automation in place, it doesn’t mean that you should force every gerbil to take a spin on your particular wheel. There are many customers who would prefer to speak with you, rather than fill out a form – they may seek specifics, or answers to questions.

Everyone who works in the industry knows that you give up your email to a form and you don’t know where it will end up and how many emails you will receive as a result – therefore there is an in-built form wary-ness in most potential customers. So, don’t force people to fill out forms, give them a number to call, or a field to receive a call back.

3. Think Carefully About Fields

And, when it comes to the form itself, think about the fields you NEED rather than those you would like. For a callback request it could be as little as one field. The number of fields you ask for will have a major influence on the performance of your campaign. Recent research from Hubspot suggests that on a landing page the conversion rate is 25% with three fields, 20% with three to five fields, and 15% will six or more fields.

In the end, the business objective is not just automation, it’s profitability.

That’s why we do what we do – if you choose Syncapt, then you won’t see prospects as some long production line: we will help you use automation to give your business and staff the chance to treat prospects individually in order to benefit your business.