SYNCAPT: Tech & Commercial Get Hitched

The ‘penny drop’ moment happened in a phone conversation between the two founders of Syncapt.

The first, a self confessed geek who mashes a laptop every 18 months, prefers Ubuntu to Windows, has information architecture on toast for breakfast, business process management for lunch and then APIs for dinner with a little SQL on the side.

The second, a commercial digital marketer who is a ‘stat man’, likes swimming in data, fishes for information, pushes everything to its limits and then keeps pushing harder.

The same problem from two angles

Both sides saw the same problem – complexity – but from a different angle:

  • The technologist wondered why businesses were unaware of the power of connecting up their systems and adding customisation, automation and efficiency to their business
  • The marketer became fed up of being quoted astronomic prices  when it came to connecting systems, sharing data and improving the possibilities of marketing automation. It was inhibiting business and limiting opportunities

So, they had a chat… a ‘what if’ conversation if you will.

Cutting Complexity into Bite-Sized Chunks

  • Why not make it easier for businesses to be more efficient?
  • Why not making connecting systems and APIs a business dedicated to this so that the clients will benefit?
  • Why not reuse our technology to make it as cheap as possible?
  • Why not make the service make financial sense so the clients will know that they will be more efficient, effective and profitable?

So, we did. Therefore Syncapt!